Monday, October 31, 2011

Public Announcement

Speed kills. No matter what you drive.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Earth Hour - 27th March 2010, 2030 - 2130 hours

I had my doubts, does it make any difference? Hahah. But it's nice to see everybody uniting for a good cause. I'm putting this in my reminder.

So, switch it off!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

World Animal Day - 4th Oct 2009

Link -->

So, here's to our furry, scaly, slimy friends :)

Happy World Animal Day!!! Why don't everybody hug at least 1 animal on that day? :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Le Sandwich Bag

I am guilty as charged. My sister saw the box of sandwich bags I bought and said, "I thought you were the environmentalist? What happened to don't-buy-items-with-small-packaging?"

Arghhh. I was torn actually while lining up to pay. But I promise to reuse the bags as much as I can!*updated : One of my latest resolutions is to stop buying products with smaller packagings. I can do it!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just a little reminder for you and for me...

Live our best

Love our best

Oh. And don't litter :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Silence is The Deadliest Weapon of Mass Desctruction

Something worth passed around (taken from )

Sorry about the poor image quality.This was a brochure I got when I was out for a movieand I thought it was pretty useful information.Rather than telling you to boycott products etc, this is basically what's on the 'What YOU Can Do' page :

1.Don't throw this away, read it

2. Educate yourself - find out the realities of the situation. Get your facts right, diversify your sources of information

3. Be involved - participate in events, campaigns and workshops. Be proactive

4. Spread the word

5. Support the cause - donate generously towards the Palestinian cause

6. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers

Pretty simple right?All very do-able.I'm not asking you to move mountains.Personally I'm vouching for 'What YOU Can Do's' numbers 2, 5 and 6.

Also taken from their brochure:

Did you know that 5 million of the 8 million Palestinians are refugees, making them the biggest group of refugees in the world?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saya Anak Malaysia (translate : I am Malaysia's child)

Happy 51st Birthday Malaysia!

May you continue to grow and prosper into becoming a great nation

Selamat Menyambut Merdeka ke-51 Malaysia!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

"What is happening to my country?" a friend of mine says

A friend of a friend recently commented that he hopes I keep updating.Wow.I seriously didn't think anyone would be interested to read this but since there are (or is) and because I am deeply touched because there is at least one person who reads this blog,I shall try to have regular updates ;)

Ok.back to the title of my post.I have this friend,he is actually the husband of my mother's officemate and we knew each other because my mom and his wife had this course at this resort and while they were busy,we were busy also.Gallivanting and enjoying the place.Uncle S is a 60+ year old man,a really2 cool chap and he is absolutely hilarious.He is an Indian.And he also refers to me as his best friend.I do not see him often but when I do,I would always have a good time and also learn some new things.Uncle S,like my mother,used to be a teacher.So when he talks to people,he always had a way of connecting with them.So the other day my mum and I stopped by their house and we had a chat.Of course it started off about the weather,how intensely hot it is nowadays and then he said,

"haihhhhh....what is happening to my never used
to be like this.everyone was so nice to everyone.Now,look at everyone.
He is saying this person has done this,and the person said he has done that.
Aiyo.what is happening lah.All these people used to work together and
now everyone is hitting out on each other.aiyoyo.what lah"

How can the public be the judge when we can't even tell the truth from the lies?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Faking it?

I was helping this blind guy go to his room in the library (they provided him with a special room,he is a masters student) and while I was passing the entrance,two of the guys working there said that the guy was just faking it.So have I been duped?

he actually asked me for another favour,which included following him to ampang because he wanted to fix his cd player.hmm

For real?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Malaysia's Election Day - 8th March 2008

I was inspired by a column in The Star newspaper written by Koh Lay Chin.It was titled 'Flawed maybe,but the system works here' and her thoughts exactly mirrored mine.

*Koh Lay Chin writes for mistake :)

"Voting is a symbolic and physical act of love and commitment to one's nation, a relationship you renew and re-evaluate every four or five years. Whether the love counts or can be trusted, one may never know. But you act on it, you fight, trust and keep your fingers crossed, regardless. Democracy is an excruciating, poetic and sinuous labour of love - one person's vote is an actual act of engagement and a symbolic pact of hope. One must believe that his or her one vote counts"

Now,I do not openly support any political parties and I probably never really will. This Saturday will be my first time voting and how exactly will I come to a decision?Let's make it simple. I am comfortable where I am now.I am able to get an education.I can walk the streets without fear of bombings. My friends who have graduated are able to get good jobs. I am contented with the way things are run now. Do I have faith that if other people were to take charge instead,would they do a better job?No.So that is how I will vote.

What do I know of politics?Nothing.I have no idea of how things are run,regardless of the numerous legislations and procedures to follow but what really goes on up there,I really don't know. Basically what most people have (especially during election time) are just stories being passed from mouth to mouth, and we all know what happens in a game of Chinese Whispers. Fact of the matter is, the situation can get down and dirty. And I will never really know what is real and what is not. Even the voting system is put under the microscope and scrutinized from every aspect. It's a flawed system, but I think they've handled it the best they can. The Election Commission consists of a bunch of people,and just like us,they're prone to mistakes. I read an article about how Malaysians are denied the rights to vote fairly and with justice.Hmm.Truth be told,from what I can see,they are given the right to vote.It's just a matter of whether they want to or not.Some of them did not even register although they are way past the eligible age of voting.So what's the story morning glory?

I do believe in the voting system,and as rational,logical and mature thinking rakyats we are, we should express our feelings through our votes. Not by tearing down or vandalising the posters of those who we do not support.There are always chances of a new government or new faces ruling the country.If there is,then I shall welcome them with open arms.Change is always good.That's the whole point of the voting system.Voice out your opinions there.By forever harping on how screwed up the whole system is,how do we expect to change anything?What makes you think,that in the hands of other people,the system would be better than it is? It's all about thinking things through and analyzing what's good for you, your loved ones and your country.

Till then, Happy Voting Malaysia!